Search Engine Optimization

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What can Customers Expect? Understanding the SEO Process.

Why? Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can see the content on each web page. From that content, the search engines can determine what each web page is about. Not all content can be seen by people, but can be seen by the search engines, like the page TITLE, META Description tags and other web page elements. I Rep Green optimizes content on all web pages in a professional manner, allowing our customer’s website to rank better on the search engines. I Rep Green content optimizers are highly trained professionals, familiar with all major CMS platforms and website coding languages.

PageRank: Through inbound link building and the creation of business profiles from major directories like and, I Rep Green will improve PageRank.

Why? In order to understand how important a website is, search engines like Google assign a PageRank value between 0 and 10.  PageRank plays a major role in search engine rankings as it represents how trusted a website is and if it stands out as an authority.  PageRank can be improved by creating “quality” inbound links from reputable websites. I Rep Green will launch an inbound link building campaign that follows “search engine best practices” and abides by Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Local SEO: I Rep Green can also optimize and/or create Local Business listings on Google (Google Places or Google+ Local). Even national corporations benefit from increased local search engine rankings. If a Google Places listing already exists, I Rep Green will need access to the Google Account associated with the Google Places listing in order to optimize it.

Progress Tracking: In order to monitor the progress of your campaign, I Rep Green will need access to your Google Analytics data. If you do not have a Google Analytics account, I Rep Green will create one for you, and install it on your website.

What can be Expected? I Rep Green SEO campaigns begin to produce meaningful results within the first month of service. We provide an initial baseline ranking report to understand your current rankings. Each month we will present a detailed ranking report showing the progress of the campaign. Each report includes a full page written analysis of the SEO campaign. I Rep Green will also interact with your company, answering your question and working with your marketing team. We offer outstanding customer service and support.

Content Optimization: In order to optimize a website, I Rep Green must gain access to the website through either a CMS or FTP, depending on the type of website.