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With over 50 years of experience I Rep Green has assembled world class products from manufacturers that have created the most up to date and technologically advanced products in the industry.

I Rep Green is proud to represent the following manufacturers:

Christie Projectors

Christie’s commitment to superior projection and display technology doesn’t end with cinema. With expertise in professional projection systems since 1979, we’ve established a reputation as the world'​s single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions for many industries, including government, education, enterprise, media and control rooms.

Today, we provide the world’s leading digital simulation projection solutions and we’re the only US-based company to manufacture and market complete, end-to-end display wall systems.

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A powerful DSP controlled home theater system that meets and exceeds reference levels of performance

“Audio Excellence likens the performance to bringing the sound of commercial theaters into your home, but I’ve only been to one commercial theater that sounded remotely as good as this Audio Excellence Home Theater system”

- Doug Blackburn – Widescreen Review

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10 different acoustic panels designed for music rooms, home theaters and auditoriums

There are 10 different acoustic wall panels each with a unique design and differing acoustical properties. No project is too large nor too small.

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Business software that gives you control over your business

From quoting, through project management, to payment, all aspect of your business can be integrated and managed.

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Immersive sound and video processors and amps

StormAudio represents the ultimate in high-end immersive audio and delivers superior audio electronics that support all existing and future leading sound formats, such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

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Bespoke, pre-calibrated projectors

Beyond the imaging excellence, Wolf’s total commitment to product quality, client satisfaction, system longevity and reliability are the foundations that define the company

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Ultra short-throw Dual Laser 4K projector

Hicense Dual Color Laser Ultra HD 4K Laser TV

100” ultra short-throw projector brings large scale home cinema to any space

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Customized cadenzas and racks for the CI industry

Includes power management, cooling and lighting.

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Smart Motorized Window Shades For The Smart Home

Super competitive and fully featured, they out-rank the opposition.

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Ultra high-powered home cinema systems that exceed reference levels

The CRMSCompact Cinema Reference Monitor System is a 3-way sound system, offering the most natural Digital Cinema and HD audio sound reproduction possible, exceeding reference levels, reaching 109dB at the seating area.

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Woven audiophile transparent screens

“The acoustic transparency of the Enlightor 4K woven surface is second to none and allows for a clear sonic range, particularly in the higher frequencies, compared to other perforated screens.”
  Tom Larby - Twickenham Studios

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The pioneers and master of balanced power

Improved S/N ratio and a 5 db reduction in harmonic distortion.

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Andrews Jones designed bookshelf and floor-standing speakers

After turning the audiophile world on its collective ear with the remarkable Debut and Uni-Fi Series loudspeakers, ELAC undertook the mission of creating one of their most ambitious speakers to date. About it, ELAC’s chief engineer Andrew Jones says, “With Adante, what we’re trying to do is bring excellent value to a new price point.”

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Tri-amped sublime sound served up with serious power

ELAC’s new Navis Series answers every minimalist audiophile’s dream of a no-compromise powered speaker driven by best-inclass amplifiers that are truly deserving of the name “high end.” While most powered speakers rely on Class D digital designs, ELAC engineers build in 300 watts of pure analog amplification— for maximum power and exceptional sound. Add the Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to your system, and Navis becomes a wireless speaker that lets you enjoy streaming content without a cable in sight.

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The art of Alchemy, completely reinvented.

Designed ground-up by the ELAC team, the new Alchemy Series gives birth to a marriage of technologies, bringing further advances to a name known for delivering performance and build quality far exceeding its price. Every component incorporates relevant, well-thought-out features and topology that are relevant to critical listeners, like discrete implementation of power supply, amplifier and signal processing to bring you best-in-class sound. With years of experience in award-winning analog and digital products, the
Alchemy Series establishes a new standard for value in the world of high-end audio separates.

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Vinyl restoration system - find out what you have been missing

"As such, I have to declare that the KARC-1 is the best record cleaner on the market. Bar none.​"

-Paul Rigby
HiFi World

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Krell, the leader in audio engineering

“The raw emotion that generated so much excitement over this brand in the 80s is back in spades, yet without losing that magic, there is more low level detail, and more refinement.”
  ToneAudio – Jeff Dorgay

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USA made and certified

Proudly built with US steel and fully UL certified

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Customized tracking for flat screens

The design and manufacturing team developed this revolutionary systems to elegantly free you from fixed flat screen wall-mounts, giving you a more flexible viewing experience.

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Rimikon lights are the only Class 2,cUL,Energy Star, and Type IC certified lights.

Rimikon lights are 15% more efficient than other LED lights on the market.

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Scandinavian Carlsson designed Wireless speakers 

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