In this ever-changing industry, I have over 45 years of experience and education in the consumer electronics industry.  My history includes being a founding member of CEDIA as well holding a position on the CEDIA Board of Directors where I was able to meet, teach, and learn from many of their members. During my tenure, I have become friends with a great number of luminaries in our industry.

I am regarded as a founder and a visionary of the home theater industry. Our first home theater installation was published in the 1983 winter issue of Home Entertainment magazine. With this much time in the industry, a large majority of people know me or know me and respect my experience and knowledge. With my sound reputation, experience and understanding of the audio/video industry I can help you build a successful business.

Mark Mendelsohn

    With over twenty years of sales and marketing background in the consumer electronics space, Mark brings a unique set of marketing and sales skills to I Rep Green and the CE space. Mark was Co-Founder and Publisher of Robb Report Home Entertainment magazine, Home Entertainment Interiors, and Luxury CE magazine. Mark brings years of experience in the digital media, digital video media experience to the CE space to help both manufacturers and Custom Integrators to market them selves better to attract a luxury consumer to their business.

    Our goal is to help the Custom Integrator with unique products from manufacturers that help solve problems. With Randy Wilson's unique position as owner of Wilson Home Theater and a Custom Integrator for more than thirty years and my experience in marketing and digital media, we can bring a unique targeted marketing solution to the AV Industry.