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​I Rep Green chose these products carefully to offer solutions for dealers, designers and customers by inviting technology into your home that look great, sound great and even sometimes disappear.  

Let I Rep Green become your technology partner offering the finest products that help you become a technology architect.

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Providing the World's Leading Digital Projection and Display Technologies

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Digital Audio Reference Theater Systems

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Teenage Engineering-OD-11 Wireless Speaker

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Trak-Kit was designed to meet peoples need for mobility and versatility with their plasma and LCD screens    

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StormAudio has the easiest to program, newest, most innovative, line of preamp / amplified processors and multi-channel power amplifiers in the high-end home cinema category today. Designed for the most demanding home theater designs; key attributes include superior sound, system expandability, extreme reliability and remote management. 

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Beyond the imaging excellence, Wolf’s total commitment to product quality, client satisfaction, system longevity and reliability are the foundations that define the company.

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90 Years of Innovation-The Life of Sound

The Adante Range
  Developed by Andrew Jones
  Extraordinary mid and high cohesion
  Extraordinary bass extension

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Lighting The Future With LED

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Unbalance power introduces 3% - 5% harmonic distortion Equi+Tech simply removes this by balancing the input power. EQUI=TECH pioneered this technology, others have copied, none have equaled

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Alcons Audio

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Alcons Audio is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end professional sound systems. 

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Audio Alchemy


A series of seamlessly integrated and expandable components that deliver performance unheard of in their price range.

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Krell Industries, LLC designs and manufactures high performance audio and video equipment for serious music enthusiasts and home theater aficionados.

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Ultrasonic record restoration, removes all debris from grooves, providing an astonishing improvement.

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"Audio Excellence likens the performance to bringing the sound of commercial theaters into your home, but I’ve only been to one commercial theater that sounded remotely as good as this Audio Excellence Home Theater system".

Doug Blackburn – Widescreen Review

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All products are proudly made in the USA and have been certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for safety and durability.

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“The acoustic transparency of the Enlightor 4K woven surface is second to none and allows for a clear sonic range, particularly in the higher frequencies, compared to other perforated screens.”
  Tom Larby - Twickenham Studios

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